February 11, 2015

Pune joins the street art movement with its first international festival

By Anusha Narayanan

From the 2nd to 9th of this month, Pune witnessed the first leg of its first ever international street art festival. The Festival is a crowdsourced project, organised by Harshavardhan Kadam of Inkbrushnme, which brings together artists from Russia, Germany, Australia, USA and India. The activity is mainly centred around the area of Kasba Peth, the oldest part of Pune, creating a dialogue between contemporary culture, the heritage of the city and its current residents. Harshavardhan says, “The walls so far have been an incomparable combination of stories of India in the language of the world outside.”

Playful piece by Guru.A playful piece by Guru

The Pune Street Art Festival sees a visiting Russian crew of four members – the Vitae Viazi – in action alongside other prominent artists such as Miles Toland from USA, Nora and Jules from Germany, Kelly from Australia, Amitabh Kumar from Bangalore, Anpu from Delhi, Ranjit Dahiya and Drift from Mumbai and a team from Pune as well. The artists were seen painting the streets of Kasba Peth till the 10th of February after which they took a break; they plan to take to the walls again in a few days.

Kasba, you no longer look the same anymore! Vitae Viazi“Kasba, you no longer look the same anymore!” – Vitae Viazi 

Talking of the experience, Harshavardhan remarked, “I have been to Cochi, Orissa, Udaipur, Bombay, Delhi, Goa, but never have I received a response of the magnitude that Pune gave me. This project has become a bridge across time, space and culture. The people of Kasba guide the visual artists through stories of Pune’s history and I see how they inspire their visual syntaxes. A movement like this was what the city was waiting for.”

Boris :: ZukClub on SMJoshi locationA piece by Boris // ZukClub on S.M. Joshi location

For live updates on Street Art Festival Pune,  visit inbrushnme on Facebook.

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