April 14, 2015

The Cricket Monthly: the first digital-only magazine on cricket

by Anusha Narayanan

For all Indians, cricket is a serious sport, be it a teenager playing ‘gulli cricket’ in the neighbourhood or a ‘pro’ spectator (and couch-side commentator). And come World Cup or IPL, many of us find ourselves planning our days and social calendars around match timings.

When ESPNcricinfo decided to launch The Cricket Monthly, the first digital-only publication on Cricket, they were clear they wanted something ‘serious’ in keeping with the longstanding tradition of the country’s favourite sport, and at the same time, something that was elegant and contemporary in keeping with the times. By Two Design created a responsive website for browsers and an iPad app, with 16 malleable templates for the monthly, which were used by the in-house designers at EPSNcricinfo and populated with real content.

Hazel Karkaria and Somesh Kumar, designers from Srishti School of Art and Design are partners at By Two Design, a design studio based in two locations: Ahmedabad and Bangalore. We spoke to them about creating the digitally-native publication.



The primary concern with the logo was how it would sit on the page alongside the content and images. By Two explained their choices, saying, “It had to reflect the well-crafted journalism that the magazine stood for. We went with a typographical approach, which served us well and met the brief. The colour was borrowed from the ESPN Cricinfo palette to maintain consistency and show it as under a larger umbrella.” It was especially time consuming since it had to be adaptable, had to work in reduction and had to translate into different applications over time, being consistent at the same time.


Talking of the design of different templates for each section, they explained, “If there’s one thing you learn from Apple, it is that design has to be intuitive. We try and design such that it revolves around the user.” Type was an important consideration because it is the first thing the reader consumes, “It had to render well, so as not to be jarring on the eyes and also create enough hierarchy to guide the eye through the page.” Therefore they used two fonts – a serif font called Chronicle and paired it with Knockout (for titles) and Whitney (for captions) – and used ample white space to ease out the text.

The designers pointed out that ‘ScreenSmart fonts’ were used throughout the app. Borrowing words from Hoefler & Co., who created this collection, which explain these fonts – “To give web designers reliable tools for text, Hoefler & Co. created the ScreenSmart collection, adaptations of our hardest-working typefaces, completely re-imagined for the screen. Designed for the browser, ScreenSmart fonts are fully-featured type families that offer outstanding quality at text sizes on all platforms.”

the-cricket-monthly-5   the-cricket-monthly-4 the-cricket-monthly-3

By Two gave different sections of the publication, individual styles, keeping them under one ‘family’. Grids have been used to help maintain consistency, while visual content such as photo essay and infographics, which require small snippets of information, make use of two columns of text. For longer sections such as editorial pieces, a single-column format lends a good reading flow.

Handing over the templates and the identity to the in-house designers at ESPNcricinfo was a smooth process for Hazel and Somesh, since their team was participative and engaged constantly, at various stages of design development till the very end.

Talking of By Two, the duo told us that their partnership started after they first worked together on the Perch Project two years ago, soon after which By Two Design was born. In future, they eventually wish to produce more ‘socially relevant work’, but say that they have lots to explore within the domain of visual communication design itself, before branching out.

To watch ESPNcricinfo talk about The Cricket Monthly click here. For more of By Two’s work, visit their website.инжектор для point blank скачатьвзлом страницы пользователя вконтакте7z1 ru читать чужую перепискузайти в одноклассники через анонимайзер хамелеон бесплатнопрограмма для скачивания музыки вконтакте на телефон

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