June 24, 2015

Untold stories, told passionately.

by Anusha Narayanan

A few weeks ago, we chanced upon an online magazine, Untold [“Untold stories, told passionately.”], a collective where 10 storytellers (and still counting…) get together to unveil tales that quench the wanderlust. The stories of Untold talk of adversities, marvels, strength, joy and tenderness – of the satisfaction of your curiosity – stories which are waiting for someone to stumble upon them. Someone who would just discover.

They launched less than a month ago, and we were fascinated by the ways in which they tell stories. Unlike most websites, where the text is either supported by images/videos or fully told through one of the mediums, Untold grips you through both/many. You can get the whole content on video or audio or through words or through the trail of stunning photographs.

Untold’s first cover story for May 2015 – In Search of the Storm – takes you on a journey through the Himalayas, on the back of three fat-bikes, through the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The video and the story are beautiful, and make you wish you were on that journey too!

[In Search of the Storm: Told by – Naveed Mulki (Explorer), Rishabh Malhotra (Explorer/Words), Pankaj Singh (Explorer), Shaktiraj Jadeja (Pictures & Moving Pictures) and Akshay MV (Visual Effects)]

You could read here about the fascinating voyage of the voice of Kesarbai Kerkar, immortalised by the interstellar journey of Voyager 1 – our message in a bottle to extraterrestrial life, if the voyager ever finds any. From the monks of Tibet who meet at the largest Tibetan Buddhist Convention in the world at Coorg, to a day in Shivarapatna: a village where generations have sculpted statues of gods and goddesses, there are a world of possibilities that lie ahead of Untold. 

We spoke to Yashas Mitta, the Editor of Untold. Here are the excerpts from our quick chat :–

What’s the story behind Untold?

One of the biggest reasons for starting Untold, apart from our common passion, is to reintroduce craft in storytelling across formats – we see so much routine stuff that lacks the quality or charm that great content should have. We wanted to make a difference instead of just talking about it. We’ve started what we hope will bring together the larger creative network to work together and tell stories the way they should be.

Currently, we’re around 10 of us now – Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Designers and Technologists.

How do you curate this content?

As a collective, we’re constantly traveling across the country searching for stories and perspectives in ways that other media doesn’t seem to care about. Currently, every story you see on the website is created and crafted by our core team. However, we have no interest in being only 10. Staying true to being a “collective”, we’ll be collaborating with creatives from across the region.

The contribute section on our website is open to anyone who has stories to tell and wants to work with us; as long as they can pass through some basic filters.

[From Goa To Outer Space – An Interstellar Raga From India: Told by – Bhavita B (Words), Madhumita Nandi (Pictures & Moving Pictures), Akshay MV (Editor Of Moving Pictures), Jithin V (Design)]

How will you maintain this unique spot of telling Untold stories when the internet makes it so tedious to find untold stories?

The entire team is constantly on the field. Although we are based in Bangalore, we are hardly in one place together apart from the times we really need to be. In spite of the clutter on the Internet, there’s so much more to be unearthed and so much more to be told, and in a way that’s beautiful and makes a difference. That’s what Untold is about.

If you have an untold story to tell, we have a canvas waiting for you: www.untold.in/contribute.

It is refreshing to see people make the effort to go beyond Wikipedia and find out what the world really has to offer. We hope Untold continues to unravel more stories passionately. Read more on Untold, here.

Thumbnail story “Fighting For The Buddha” – told by Bhavita B (Words), Madhumita Nandi (Pictures & Moving Pictures), Abijit Vivek (Editor Of Moving Pictures).  

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