July 14, 2015

Four Contemporary Furniture Designers to Know

by Pratika Yashaswi

In the website of one of the furniture design firms we chose to feature here, a prominently placed quote by Charles Eames reads “The details are not the details. They make the design.” And those who understand this produce beautiful, functional objects. We take a look at four designers and studios who have impressed us with their originality and interesting experimentation with materials.

  1. Studio Wood


Studio Wood was started  by Vrinda Mathur, Sahej Bhatia, and Navya Aggarwal. It is, the website says, “A collaborative design hub which houses everything design”. Based in New Delhi, they design furniture and space; and “re-love” (repurpose) old furniture. Check out their custom furniture on Instagram. Never doubt a designer with a great website.

  1. Studio Avni

Located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, Studio Avni was started in 2011 by Avni Sejpal, an architect and designer who hails from a textile family. Her strong colour-and-texture sensibility is easy to judge from a quick glance through her work, but where she really impresses us is in the way she repurposes materials like Cork, Rubber and Brass in the Samsara Cosmic Series. Also check out the collection of stools and poufs made out of upcycled silk sarees.

  1. Design ni Dukaan


Indian classics are given a new spin by this Ahmedabad-based studio, started by Veeram Shah and Akshita Kaur in 2013. Their facebook page consists of extensive albums replete with work-in-progress images of their authentic and lovingly made pieces. Their aesthetic is largely rustic, and very homely.

      4. Bombay Atelier


“We want the world to see Indian craftsmanship as progressive and innovative” proclaims the landing page of the award-winning Mumbai-based, Bombay Atelier. The pieces are minimalistic and closely involve hand-crafted artisanship. What is also endearing about their work is the vibe of the city that comes across in the way they name their products and series. “Lattu Light”, “Handi Man”, and “Mister Chai”. Bombay Atelier is helmed by designer Farzin Adenwalla.

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