September 7, 2015

Digital Stories: Glitch by Pigeon & Co.

by Anusha Narayanan

How much fun can the website of a disruptive digital agency be? Any guesses? There are no limits, but Glitch’s website – designed by Pigeon & Co., brought with it a little smile to all, when we browsed through it at the Kyoorius Digital Awards jury. Glitch’s animated landing page takes you through a 2D + stop motion experience of the entire office, as you ride with a blue wave that notoriously twists, twirls and curls around the desks of the people working at the studio.



Glitch is a Delhi and Mumbai-based agency that provides end-to-end digital and tech services to its customers, and like their landing page says, they do it with humour. Glitch, who were fond of Vipin Babu’s work from a brief stint Vipin had with Glitch before starting his own shop, called upon Pigeon & Co. to design their website.

About the brief, Saurabh (the other co-founder of Pigeon) says, “Glitch is known for it’s disruptive work and young work culture. To reflect this we decided to shoot a fun walkthrough of their workspace weaving it with different sections of the website.”




Glitch’s website, like their studio, had to be experimental and uniquely executed, and hence they chose to make it a mix of animations.

A fun result never is just about having fun when the work is on, and Saurabh helped us understand the tedium of the process. He says, “A major part of the website was shot in Glitch’s office premises, so we could do the trials only late in the night once everyone had left office and do the shoot over 3 weekends. The office has a glass facade throughout, which meant the light changed relatively fast for a stop motion animation.”

After several rounds of re-shooting, the final outcome was a combination of 2D and stop-motion, where the 2D elements interacted with the people and objects in the office. For this, they had to make sure that everything stayed in sync.

And because the budget was tight, they used stuff they found around the office as props. “Placing them back exactly the same way at their respective desks without messing up or losing anyone’s personal stuff was quite a task,” jokes Saurabh.




There is no doubt that the website is refreshing, but there is always scope to make things better. What would they want to redo then? “We would definitely want to re-shoot a few sections, fine tune the timing and make the animation crisper,” he says. “Also, only when we got into development did we realise that images with too much colour can’t be compressed as much, making the website heavier. Had we known this earlier we would have avoided it.”

The website of a creative agency gives them a chance to boast about their craziness to the world, and Pigeon & Co’s work for Glitch accomplishes that well.

Pigeon & Co. won a Blue Elephant for Glitch at the 2015 Kyoorius Digital Awards in the Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital Design category. Have a look at all the In-book and Blue Elephant winners here.

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