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Kyoorius Magazine

Kyoorius Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine. Itis the first magazine in India to focus on the areas of visual communications specifically branding, advertising, and graphic design, but also other disciplines of design.


Kyoorius Design Showcase

Now in its fourth edition, Kyoorius Design Showcase promotes Indias creativity to the corporate world and to the world around. It documents communication design works produced by various agencies and design studios in India, serving as a valuable guide to Indias design industry as well as functioning as a valuable resource book to the general public.


Kyoorius Awards Annual 2013

Kyoorius Awards Annual 2013is a 108-page compilation of all the nominations and winners Kyoorius Awards 2013, along with the credits and details of various entries.


Creating Change: Design Writings from India

This year, Kyoorius together with British Council, kick started a series of design writing workshops in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The outcome from these workshops isCreating Change: Design Writings from India, a final selection of 12 stories from more than 60 participants in the workshops.


Flickr Photos

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Twitter @kyoorius

  1. Kyoorius
    Kyoorius: Little Latitude, started by @vinaydiddee & Neha Vasant-Diddee, produces beautiful toys, books and more for children.

  2. Kyoorius
    Kyoorius: How different would life be if you had chosen differently at every stage? @sugrcoatedbrain's film Parallel tells us

  3. Kyoorius
    Kyoorius: "designers have let the idea of India & colour fade into obscurity" wrote Graham Jones of @venturethree in issue 20.